Arianne Weiner

Arianne Weiner

Board Member

Arianne Weiner is passionate about all things Eastern Sierra. She grew up part-time in Mammoth Lakes, as she was highly active in racing throughout her childhood and teenage years. Even though her family were “snow-hounds,” they loved the off-season for unlimited hiking, biking, and other outdoor activities and were active in the community. As an adult, she made it her home. While the beauty and nature of Mono County are like no other, it is the sense of community, the small high-altitude town with big ideas and incredible people that make it unique and her home.

She is a seasoned business consultant and certified coach when not playing in the great outdoors. For twenty-five years, she has been helping owners with their businesses to manage better their people, processes, and time that contribute to their bottom line.

She has her Ph.D. in industrial-organizational psychology. She has a masters’ degree in organizational development and behavior and modern comparative history in Modern European History, emphasizing Holocaust studies.

Through Arianne’s coaching and consulting business, and the owner of Eastern Sierra Development and Training Institute (ESDTI), she offers new perspectives not readily apparent to business owners. She helps business owners and professionals focus on creating efficiencies and strategies to help, adapt to, and be successful in today’s changing environment.

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