Janet Hunt

Janet Hunt

Executive Director

Janet is pleased to be a part of the newly reinvigorated JLLOOPPAA non-profit and serve as its first Executive Director.  Her vision for what is possible creates opportunities for incredible events and experiences for our community. Former students nicknamed her the Cosmic Art Goddess.

Janet is a UC Riverside graduate with a degrees Studio Art and Political Science. She has been an Eastern Sierra resident for over 30 years. She has been a teacher and school administrator now retired. Immersed in arts and education she continues to pursue the arts through personal practice and public service.  She especially appreciates the ability of the arts to foster community through creative expression and shared experience.  Janet is a true advocate for youth, and public music and arts programs. She has served and continues to serve in various community organizations, often assuming a leadership position.

She is the founder and coordinator for the June Lake Jam Fest, now in its seventh year.  The event has been designed to bring a quality music event to Mono County, as well as serve as a benefit to support the performing arts. She is happy to support arts in education and community focused programs and events for both residents and visitors alike.

When not working with her team on producing events, she enjoys traveling with her husband Bill and spending time with her 2 grandkids.

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